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The RoFx team is very experienced and professional. However, in such extreme circumstances, a simultaneous suspension of algorithmic trading by numerous market participants could result in high volatility..
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Forex winning system

forex winning system

probable cases of when my set up will fail. All strategic success depends on a market regime. Thats why it all starts with understanding that there is no such thing as a winning system. Indeed the key to winning in trading lies much more in NOT trading when the regime is against you than in forcing your system on the market that will chew it up alive. Submit By Janus Trader ( Written by Damir Pavic alias Django). I was angry on my self and asking same question: how this may happen, after that I started to read forums, book about trading and searching for trading system. Thats probably the single biggest lie ever told in the trading business. They key is not to make things worse. Opinions should be made before each trade. No doubt thats hard to do with any degree of accuracy ahead of time and thats why you have to accept the fact your great money making system will lose. Yet even the most atheist of us have prayed when a trade turned against us, especially if we changed its initial parameters with a post entry opinion.

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The only guy in the history of the markets who had a winning system was Bernie Madoff. FFCalendar we use to secure position before important news, move stop loss to breakeven or to supporst and resistances lines. In fact the more weve changed the initial position the more intense our prayers become. The market can be crueler than the meanest of the Greek gods. Thats because we are obsessed with the idea of a winning system. Call it whatever you want, but whenever anyone places a trade they are always implicitly making a bet that prices will extend in the prior direction or will reverse. In trending markets momentum strategies perform great. But this didnt stopped. Thats why there is no such thing as a winning strategy. It just means it is not working NOW. Thats why great traders trade positions not opinions.

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